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moving forward. there are a number of program objectives that you can see in your packet on page 2 and the reason for those objectives and why they're so important for us to measure them is we don't want to hold another basketball league, there's plenty of them out there, the participants are required to show up to the classes that are held each week prior to the games, if you don't show, you don't play, they're figuring out ways to get their license back, figuring out how they're going to pay for child support, those are common problems with the participants so it's important they attend those things and that's the goal of the program. another goal of the program is for us to track how successful this program is in their lives moving forward, you know, are they committing crimes in the coming year, are they gainfully
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employed, things like that that will track to see what the true value of the program is, it doesn't make a lot of sense for us to go and spend a lot of money and put a lot of resources into another basketball program, this is for something else, so i think the participants recognize that, they're involved in something that's bigger than just an athletic program, that they're doing something that will potentially help them change their lives in a positive direction. with that, if you have any questions. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? >> i'll entertain a motion. >> second. >> commissioner low had a question, i beg your pardon. >> i was going to make the motion to move but also say, you know, if you've ever gone to these games to watch the kids play, there's some really talented players out there, it's a great program, i like what you do for the kids out there and i was going to make the motion to approve.
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>> so, it's been moved. >> second. >> seconded, all those in favor. aye. thank you. >> we are now on item 8, the san francisco marina west harbor. >> good morning, commissioners, i'm mary hobson, project manager of the recreation and parks department capital, i in the p.m. are in charge of seeing the ren vaetion of the marina west harbor, this is a request to approve an increase in contract value for our consultants, construction management firm four leaf, four leaf has been on site overseeing the construction of the project since may of 2011, during that time, they have been responsible for the day-to-day oversight inspection tracking of the schedule and budget processing change orders
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and essentially keeping our contractor in line. over the course of the project, also, there have been some changes that we have come to 4 leaf to help us that we're not under their original scope of services and the results fees for those additional services have resulted in a contract increase above 10%, that is why i'm here today to ask for your approval. the original contract value for this project was 799 thousand 990 dollars. we are asking to increase the contract up to 980 thousand 800 dollars 25 cents, the additional services being provided by 4 leaf and their sub consultants essentially revolve around two ie tep, the first and the majority which is related to monitoring and permitting oversight for the
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contaminated sediments that were uncovered during the course of the project. we asked 4 leaf to bring on a sub consultant that specializes in this sort of permitting and oversight, baoud row and associates, as well as their sub consultants that perform specialized engineering services and surveying for that work. the other item which we've asked 4 leaf to do on our behalf is to be on-site for an additional 88 days, this is as a result of our contract that was approved by this commission. overall, with this amendment, the total contract value only represents 4.4% of the total contract value. this is extremely low. this is the effective the and efficient contract and we typically budget 10% for cm services so i think this is really reasonable and i want to thank 4 leaf on behalf of the department for their good work
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on this project. with that, i conclude my presentation and i'd be happy to answer any questions you may have for the renovation project overall. >> commissioner harrison? >> yeah, since we have you here, someone brought up the point of further need of dredging, further dredging you have? >> yes, the overall construction project is a multiyear project. it included four cycles of dredging starting in 2009 concluding in 2012, sand continually comes into the harbor, it is continually entering, we perform maintenance dredging on an annual basis, during the course of the last year, since it was dredged by its target depth, we had an unusual high volume of sand coming into the harbor. we had estimated 7 thousand 700 cubic yards of sand coming in,
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each year we had a contract for them to remove 12 thousand of newly accumulated sand of which they removed 11 thousand 433, it turned out not to be quite enough, we have a little bit of additional accumulation which we would have removed as part of this annual dredge cycle, however, we ran out of time. the dredging window for dredging closes on november 30th and they dredged up until the end, they had very complicated dredging sequence and their dredging contracts were not approved until the end of august so they're out there and removing sand right up until the end. when we realized we had this extra, about 2400 cubic yards yards of stand that needed to be removed, we applied for a permit and we were denied, there's herring, spawning in the area and dredging is very
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detrimental to their spawning and habitat during this time of the year, so there's a section of sand there that's left, but we have to come back next year anyway and we're already taking steps to try to get an early dredge approval and get our contract in place so they can come in as early as april, take out that sand as well as taking out any additional sand that accumulates between now and then for a long-term. . inger there's another piece to this where floating break water, once the floating break water is installed, that that will relieve some of the treasure from the sand coming in. is that -- >> we have modeling that shows sand transportation patterns. whenever you do something significant to change the patterns like the installation of the floating break water, you have no idea what's going to happen. >> and the tide too i guess. er >> we're hoping the calming in
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the inner harbor and reduction of surge into the harbor will reduce the amount of sand flowing in. we also have a newly approved mechanism to collect sand which is the sand trap, in this last permitting cycle, we got approval from the regulatory committee to dig deep, so next year, we can dig deep and hopefully have a place for all that sand to land, and a renovation project will continue on until it's resolved into 2013 dredging, maintenance dredging cycle. >> thank you very much. >> we do have public comment, bruce stone.
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>> as ms. hobson mentioned, dredging is a complex subject, but i do understand that dutra took their equipment away during that window and used it for more pressing jobs, so that could have been done by november 30th, so that's a contract management issue so we're not thrilled with this extension of more soft cost and the item that's in front of you because we feel a lot of that dredging could have been done during the window, ms. hobson was not addressing the toxic issue, she's talking about the sand accumulation at the entrance so you're not getting a straight answer about the dredging problem, we have a significant loss in depth from the design of the project for a large number of berths inside the harbor, which means when people start to pick their berth, there is the a berths
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which are 12 feet deep which is the design of almost all harbors, there are the b quality berths which are the inner west that are 8 foot, it's because of the tox -- toxic soil in there. now we find out that there are berths that are 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet, not 8 feet, and we want a commitment from rec and park department that when the dredging window opens, they'll go back in and do surgical dredging and go in there and pull the rest of that stuff out otherwise when people pick their berth, they're not going to pick their berths so a large number of constituents that think they're going to get back into the harbor are going to be faced with shallow berths, this is a huge problem, we've written to the department about it and we've gotten no response, we need to know the money is budgeted for that, it's the elephant in the tent
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there. if you want to talk about all that harbor entrance stuff that she spoke about, that's wonderful, but the problem is inside the harbor, not the harbor entrance. >> thank you. >> paul? >> i just would like to quickly add in addition to bruce's comments that what i heard mary hobson say is that these renovations will continue and in effect, i understand that ordinance 1131-12 is where the rent will be increased by 30% once the renovation is declared complete, and it's in effect what mary has said is the renovations will continue, i believe that really blocks the park and rec from raising the rent because the renovation is not complete and i think that's an issue that as the commission, you need the discuss and continue because there may be legal implications to that, if you're effectively saying, we delivered a harbor that doesn't mean the design
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specks, it all looks great, if you try to put boats into those berths, they're unusable, those berths are rendered impassable for a boat unless you're going out at high tide or going out in low tide, you can only go in or out, you're limited, you can legally charge a 35% increase in rent only when the renovation is complete. i think the other part the commission needs to come clear on and be succinct about is the security issue, right now, i don't believe that there will be adequate fences, gates to prevent homeless people from walking on the docks and decide to take up residents in whatever boat they choose to
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live on or steal things from it, it's paramount that also be addressed and if it's not complete, that there be firm commitments and some binding means by which -- that will be done by a certain date because frankly, we're paying a lot of money. this is one of the few park facilities that you have in your general management that is a profit center, the money being taken in under the harbor trust dictates that money's supposed to stay in there and it's supposed to be allocated from there. it is supposed to be cash neutral and in a sense, the city is about to try to gain a lot more income without meeting the minimum bare requirements, the design requirements, i think the park commission should look at those issues and respond to a formal way to look into that. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on this item. seeing none, public comment is
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closed. commissioners? >> i think i might ask on behalf of the commission that we do get some kind of response in writing to the commission on the issues that have been raised. the dredging issue and some of the related -- i think there's some issues that are well above our pay great that probably the city attorney would have to weigh in on and what our responsibilities are, the contract in terms of the acceleration of rates and the timing of that, but i don't want to get into getting part of those answers right now. i would appreciate it if you could through the general manager provide a report to the commission on it. with that, i don't see any questions of commission. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> moved and seconded, all those in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> thank you. >> we're now on item number 9 which is general public comment
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continued. so, if you did not speak on item number 4 and would like to speak on a general public comment, please come forward. >> my name is jean greki, my background is in law enforcement, both as a police and as a sworn [inaudible] can you hear me? in january of this year, i was hired by the rec and parks department as one of six new park officers, i was one of the most experience officers and the only female. based on hiring requirements, we were to complete the six month probationary period, however, a week before our probation ended, we were told we were going to be extended because of a department error, we bargained for a two month
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extension, i was able to work all shifts during that time frame, however, a few days before my probation was to end, i was released by the department without just cause. i would like to state i have never been released from any position in any capacity. i took great pride in my job and focused on promoting good public relations for the department, i took that extra step to assist the park rangers when possible. i believe creating positive relationships is essential to provide all. i was pleased to read in the newspaper recently that there's an effort to professional the park patrol unit, they should serve the community by upholding its mission. i hope the department will adopt written performing standards that will be reflected in a fair and just
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manner, i trust you as park commissioners will support the department and hold them accountable in realizing these efforts to have a professional system. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> merry christmas, commissioners, members of the public, what a horror show america's become. all you have to do is look in the newspapers, look at our landscape, look at our parks and if you're anything of a human being, you have to realize it's a tragic horror show and if you don't realize that, you need to check yourself in the mirror.
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do you think we're made to live like this? groveling for rights that we used to have, simple rights? i don't think so. i don't think it takes any kind of person to realize that there's just some things you don't do, there's some jobs you don't perform, i'm just wondering if working for rec and park is one of them because at some point, you have to realize that you have an obligation to other people in
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your community at some level, and at some point, you have to realize that you're not really serving them in any way, that it's just a dictatorship and there's nothing they can do to help themselves. that is a very lonely and gazi type situation that characterizes recreation and park departments in the bay area right now. dictatorship, dictatorship, dictatorship. and what made you all of a sudden buy into that when you
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took an oath for this office and you turned around and did completely the opposite? if i had a summer home in san francisco and a winter home in hell, i'd spend all my summers in my winter home. thank you. >> thank you. is there anyone else who did not speak under item number 4 that would like to speak on item 9, this is a continuation of that item. i can't -- at this point, could you -- if you could wait until after this item, please. >> this is public comment, is it? >> and you made public comment on item number 4. >> excuse me, ma'am, i would like to comment -- >> that's not the system. it's basically you get 3 minutes to comment under
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general public comment and we heard your general public comment and we appreciate it and we heard other public comment. there isn't a series of comments on other people's comments. if you have something that you want -- you had three minutes under general public comment. that's the subject matter. i'm sorry to do that but that's the rules and we have to apply them to everybody equally, if we show any favoritism to all, we have to show it to all and the rule is not proper. send us something in writing and let us know, thank you. >> if i may, it's on the -- i did not raise this in the previous point. >> it doesn't matter, the three minutes are up and if i do it for you, i have to do it for everybody, so i apologize that it's an inconvenience to you but you can express anything you like to us in writing and we'll read it and take it into consideration. thank you. >> i object to the inability to
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stand in support of gene gareki and my fellow members and i regret your decision that it's not permitted. >> is there anyone else who wants to make public comment and did not comment under item 4. seeing none, general public comment is closed. we are on number 10, commissioners' matters, commissioners, do you have any matters? >> seeing none, is there any public comment? . seeing none, public comment is closed. item number 11, new business, agenda setting, seeing none, item 11 , public comment is closed. communications?
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seeing none, pub ling comment is closed. adjournment. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor. >> aye. >> the meeting is adjourned. happy holidays.
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>> welcome to the beautiful historic tea gardens, the oldest in the united states. this provides visitors from around the world to enjoy the natural beauty, harmony and tranquility of the park in the heart of golden gate park. >> as you can see the garden has a wide variety of plants here, almost a hundred species from japan and china and bamboo and native plants. >> they're trimmed to a human scale so you relate to them on a human level. >> this is one of my favorite sections and you can see the goarnlrous maples by the bamboo back drop and especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves start changing colors.
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just around the corner from maple lane this little garden is called a zen garden, a dry landscape garden and constructed here in 1953. this was originally designed by zen monks for the ground. their main purpose was to create a trairchg tranquil setting for the monks. this is no ordinary bridge. it's made of redwood, oak and cedar. the high arch style makes it easy to pass under. the newly refurbished tea house is in the center of the gard scpen a great place to eat and chill as you take in the view of the garden. if you wish you can experience
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the rich cultural tradition that celebrates the preparation of green tea or matcha and your host dressed in the ceremony will demonstrate how to clean the utensils and receive and drink tea with ancient japanese customs. the art of the tea ceremony once available only to priests and nobility is completely accessible to you here in the house at the japanese tea garden. located just across from the tea garden is the awesome segue tours there are two ways to use a scooter to venture through golden gate park. tour or a rental in the company of a guard that can whiz
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you through the park tour and see the conservatory of flowers. >> so much fun. woo. >> segways on a echo way to see gold park. check it out and stop by after your tour of the tea garden. it's a great way to play in the park. this way you can chill in the japanese garden go to the tea house and then segway here at golden gate park.

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